thirdbridge has closed.

In November 2019, after 6.5 years, thirdbridge closed its platform.  

The founder, Rick Benfield, still believes that harnessing business for good is the key to solving/preventing so many of the social and environmental issues that the world faces, and will personally continue to work in this space.  If you have the same belief do get in touch via LinkedIn.

To read more about the closure and the achievements of thirdbridge please click here.

Thank you for your support.

Still looking for help?

If you are a charity still looking for support or a company looking to provide support, please do check out:

Index for Good’ – a directory of all the ways that charities can get support from companies for free, including; volunteers, expertise, in kind donations and training.

thirdbridge was provided by Sector Bridge Limited (Company No: 08542725) - a social enterprise helping business become a force for good.